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Create A Spiritual, Energy Healing, or Intuitive Business Easy !

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Think of starting a new business? Tara is now offering a course on how to start a Spiritual Business.

Course Description :

In this one-hour course; Tara will guide, inspire, and empower you to start or grow your spiritual business. Learn to easily move out of fear, and into your power. She offers tips on how to overcome hurdles you might face along the way. It's time to unlock your confidence - the key to being a leader ! Learn to create and operate your business from a fifth dimension perspective, without the blocks, self-imprisonment, and perceived limitations of a third dimension reality. Like you, Tara is on a spiritual journey, and is excited to share her knowledge and experience with you. This is a course for people interested in starting a spiritual business or that already have a business and are seeking new insight. For more info click here :

List Of Spiritual and Energy Healing Business Ideas

  • Aura Photographer / Aura Reader

  • Aromatherapy/homeopathic specialist

  • Astrologer

  • Ayurvedic Practitioner

  • Breathwork facilitator

  • Crystal healer / teacher / reader

  • Angel Numbers and Their Meanings (Teach)

  • Angel Card Reader

  • Create Unique Spiritual Workshops for beginners - Incorporate things like art, meditation, dance, inner child play, Chakra balancing, Introduction to Angel Card Readings etc

  • Chakra balancing / teaching / healing

  • Conscious / Trance Channel Medium

  • Divination reader

  • Dream interpreter

  • Death / Birth Doula

  • Emotional freedom technique (EFT tapping)

  • Energy healer (ie. Reiki practitioner, Qigong, therapeutic touch)

  • Energy worker

  • Fen Shui practitioner / consultant

  • Gypsy Wagon Reader

  • Healing through dance & body movement

  • Herbalist

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Inner Child Workshops connect with and or / healing / teaching

  • Intuitive/life/spiritual/business, or relationship coach or teacher

  • Meditation teacher

  • Medical Intuitive

  • Motivational speakers

  • Metaphysical Store Owner

  • Magic Spells/ Spiritual Alchemy teacher

  • Numerologist

  • Own a Halotherapy, salt therapy room

  • Palm reader

  • Psychic

  • Psychic medium

  • paranormal investigator

  • Rune casting / Rune Reader

  • Sound healing

  • Spiritual philosopher

  • Spiritual Artist / Musician

  • Spiritual Writer

  • Spiritual You Tube Channel

  • Spirit Animal Totem teacher

  • Shaman

  • Tantric teacher

  • Tarot Reader

  • Teach Spiritual Workshops

  • Tea leaf or coffee grounds reader

  • Wellness Coach

  • Yoga, Tai-chi


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