May 2019


"We had the great opportunity to share a wonderful evening with Tara. Communication was very clear since the beginning and she welcomed us all in a warm and affectionate manner. The session was very pleasant, she included each one of us and made us feel very special. Tara is a very kind person, caring and she took care of all that was needed for us to feel relaxed and comfortable. She has a vast knowledge about spiritual life and spiritual masters that she shared in a simple manner with us. Tara explained us step by step how the channeling works so we knew how the messages would happen. We had a great deal of communications from St. Germaine to us, through her. We had the opportunity to ask and listen and had a very nice conversation. Each one if us received personal messages and were able to ask personal questions. Tara went beyond our expectations and gave us the time and dedication so that we all were very interested and amazed about what we were listening. We left with positive energy and lots of thinking about what we heard. The next few days we were surprised to find some happenings in our lives, that related so much to what she communicated us about. We enjoyed our experience with Tara and highly recommend it."


Susana, Merida, Mexico

"Tara's gift of readings and healing through her messages, goes into a deeper level of intelligence that our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies respond to. Each time I have a reading done by Tara, I receive a huge shift in perspective and a release in the pain that was being created in my outer reality. I don't have to explain or say much. Her and St. Germain already know what I am dealing with, feeling and processing and know exactly what it is that I need to hear and feel in order to make change, feel transformation and to create a reality that aligns with my heart. I feel such freedom and am connected back to love with each session."


Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master

Nova Scotia, Canada

"Seeing Tara channel St Germain is truly an amazing experience! I feel blessed to have been given the chance to communicate with this Ascended Master. He answered all my questions and gave me such in depth spiritual guidance. I felt energized, enlightened and spiritually recharged after my session. Tara is a wonderful vessel who delivers messages full of love and healing."

Jenna Bowen

Ultrasound Tech

Pictou Nova Scotia



"If someone were to ask me to identify a pivotal moment in my life, I would have to point to my session with Tara. She's gifted (in more ways than one), professional, and genuinely cares about people. Her services are a part of my therapeutic toolkit now."


Ashley Brzezicki


Fredericton N.B



"My intuitive reading with Tara changed my life. I left with a new understanding, acceptance and love of myself. She is truly gifted." 


Hillary Casey

RMT, Yoga Instructor

Pictou , Nova Scotia



"I was always sick with low immune system, sinus infections, chest infections, cold sores, flu, colds, etc. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. A friend suggested that i may have had an allergy to something and creating sickness. Tara Arnold’s name popped up in a google search. Since visiting Tara the first time, I have continued treatment on a 2 week cycle. This was the best winter I have ever had. She has helped treat my sinus infections, cold sores, hormone irregularities, allergies to eggs, and is helping to treat my vocal chords. I  fully trust in her intuition and knowledge of NAET. In my opinion, she will, without a doubt, get to the root of what is going on internally. Tara can also help you to ignite your own healing process."


Juliane Nowe

Yoga Instructor

Lunenburg, Nova Scotia


"This past year was one of the most difficult years of my life.  I had constant back pain with unrelenting sciatica and a great deal of anxiety associated with my condition.  In the past, I had turned to Tara for some other health related issues, and she helped me a great deal, so I decided to return for help with my current health condition.

In conjunction with my doctor, physiotherapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy, I met with Tara so she could help me understand why I was not healing as quickly as I expected. There was something missing this time which I could not understand.  Tara helped me find the missing solution, my spirit had blockages, my body was out of balance and I was not listening to my inner voice.    With her excellent intuitive help and prayers, she taught me how to help with my own healing process.  She has taught me how to live in the present moment, thank God and my guardian angels every day and listen.  I now pay attention to my inner voice and my body and spirit are both healing in harmony.  When you meet and talk to Tara,  you are meeting one if the most optimistic people around.

God bless you Tara and thank you."



Karen  Frenette

Retired Accountant PNB

Fredericton, NB

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