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' Learn How To Channel The Ascended Masters ' 

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Course Description :


YOU CAN CHANNEL ! Have you ever wondered if you can receive messages from The Ascended Masters? Well, the answer is yes, EVERYONE can ! Find out HOW in this 80 minute online course. During this course, Trance Channel Medium,  Tara Arnold works with The Ascended Masters to guide you to develop the skills and confidence you need to get started ! This course will also enhance the intuitive abilities you already have and is beneficial for beginners, intermediate or advanced students. As Tara teaches the course, The Ascended Masters channel though frequencies of divine love to the viewer.  These frequencies activate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras so that you, the viewer, will have an increase of awareness and intuition the following days after the course. Viewing by distance or through a video does not block the receiving of these frequencies.