Are you curious if there is spirit activity in your home or work space?

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Are you interested to know if there are specific messages from spiritual guides that are around you ? Tara will come to your house or workspace and tap into the energies, relay any messages, and cleanse your space. She will raise the vibration of energy to more love, and remove all entities and energies that are causing blocks in your life.  After the session, you will notice a lighter feeling in your home or work space, more happiness, synchronicity, and random gifts showing up in your life. Have you recently purchased a new home and would like the energy balanced ? This session works great for both new and old homes ! 

Spiritual House Cleanse and Reading Session | Available in Pictou County, Nova Scotia only 

1 hour cleanse with spirit guided messages about what is in the space and why / $220 per session. 

Add On Service - Wondering if any previous owners have hidden, buried or lost money, coins, jewelry, or other relics on your lawn?  Professional Metal Detecting of front and back yard  2 hours - Add on $60 

2 hour Professional Metal Detecting (without a House Reading ) - $160 

To Book This Service, email Tara's Manager, Mike 
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payment accepted : e-transfer, cash, paypal ( visa, mastercard ) 

All bookings are confidential.