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Ascended Master Reading

There are messages waiting for you! Find out which Ascended Masters are working with you, and what messages they have for you.  The Ascended Masters are kind and non -judgmental. In this reading, they will guide you in areas of your life where you feel disempowered, hopeless, imprisoned or blocked. They will show you a new way to free yourself from limitations, and how to move forward. At the end of the reading, you may experience more joy, feel lighter, have increased intuition, feel more empowered, and have less physical pain. 1.5 Hour Session - $365 CA Funds ( Approx $288 US Funds) Scroll down for booking and payment info.


Past Lifetime Reading / Healing Session

Do you have a physical symptom that is creating a limitation in your life?  This could be anything you view as a limitation - for example - an illness, a phobia, a birthmark, forgetfulness, childhood trauma, insomnia, etc. In this reading, Tara will connect with your past lifetime and be shown the emotion and beliefs that first created this block. As the Ascended Masters are showing her the root emotion and beliefs, they will be transmuting these fears back to love. Tara will channel messages of what she is seeing and what the guides are doing. You may feel sensations and emotions in your physical body during the session. Once you have the conscious awareness of the emotion / belief that created the ailment, the ego will let go of the attachment and the healing process will begin. After the session, you may feel lighter, have less physical pain, feel empowered, and be more at peace. Please note that many of these ailments have layers and the healing process is a journey based on what you are ready to let go of at this time.

1.5 hour Session -$365 CA Funds ( Approx $288 US Funds) Scroll down for booking and payment info.

Children's Gaurdian Angel Readings 

Is your child struggling or creating limitations in life? Are they empathic, overly sensitive and feeling overwhelmed ? Tara is now offering Guardian Angel Readings for children age 7 to 19. In this reading, your child will meet their guardian angel ! They will explain to them how they are guiding them and how to connect to them. Their Angel will show them how to navigate through life with more ease, give them guidance for their life path, and show them what talents and gifts they have in this lifetime. This reading will assist and empower them in all areas of their life, where they feel limitations or bullied. These readings are beneficial for any area of life that your child perceives as a limitation. No issue is too small. examples :  fears, phobias, friend issues, bullies, low self esteem, low self worth, lack of confidence, emotional issues, physical issues, insomnia, school problems etc.

Your child will leave the session feeling acknowledged, confident, and empowered ! Other spiritual guides, such as an Archangel or Ascended Masters, may also be present during the reading. 

One parent must be with their child during the session.

Tara consciously channels the messages during children's sessions. ( she does not go into trance) .

1 hour Children's Session -$220 CA Funds ( Approx $176 US Funds) Scroll down for booking and payment info.


To Book Any Service, email Tara's Manager, Mike 

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Sessions available online via zoom or facetime

Payment accepted : e-transfer, cash, paypal ( visa, mastercard ) All bookings are confidential. You do not have to have a paypal account to pay via paypal. 


Tara does not claim to cure, heal or diagnose any medical issues. Her services are not a replacement for medical treatment. During the readings, Tara channels divine light frequencies from The Ascended Masters through her chakras to the client. This transmutes fear back to love, releasing energy blocks that are preventing you from becoming your highest self. You may audio record the reading session.