Personal Readings

Past Lifetime Reading / Healing Session


Do you have a physical symptom that is creating a limitation in your life?  This could be anything you view as a limitation - for example - an illness, a phobia,

a birthmark, forgetfulness, childhood trauma, insomnia, etc. In this reading, Tara will connect with your past lifetime and be shown the emotion and beliefs that first created this block. As the Ascended Masters are showing her the root emotion and beliefs, they will be transmuting these fears back to love. Tara will channel messages of what she is seeing and what the guides are doing. You

may feel sensations and emotions in your physical body during the session. Once you have the conscious awareness of the emotion / belief that created the ailment, the ego will let go of the attachment and the healing process will begin. After the session, you may feel lighter, have less physical pain, feel empowered, and be more at peace. Please note that many of these ailments have layers and the healing process is a journey based on what you are ready to let go of at this time.

1.5 hour Session -$365 CA Funds ( Approx $288 US Funds) Scroll down for booking and payment info.


Who does Tara connect with during these readings?

Tara only connects with and receives information of universal divine light and love. Each reading is individual to each person. She connects with your higher self, ascended masters and spiritual guides / loved ones who have crossed over to ensure that all messages are for your best and highest good. All questions are good questions, and you may ask any life questions you require guidance with. The more specific the question, the more detailed the answer. Tara will not receive  information that you consider to be private. You may audio/video record your session if you wish. 

All sessions are confidential. 

To Book, email Tara's Manager, Mike 

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Sessions are available online with Zoom, FaceTime, or by Phone.

Methods of Payment : E-Transfer or Paypal ( All major credit cards ) Prior to your session, we email you a Paypal invoice that is safe and simple to navigate. You do not require a Paypal account.