Kelly and Lisa are a mother/daughter duo that had a dream to provide services and products that could help people physically, mentally and/or spiritually. They practice and value healthy alternative choices and wanted to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere where community members could come to enjoy these services and products. 

The seeds were planted for Keliza Healthy Living in 2017 when Kelly took a Reflexology course and Lisa was in search of a career change that supported her wellness. They had an idea that they wanted to provide a wellness center to their community.  


Along the way they realized that there was a need for alternative food choices and thought a health food/wellness center may be the answer.  As they started the search for an ideal location, they decided a super food smoothie bar would be a service they wanted to offer.  A perfect location was found that allowed for all the services and products they wished to provide and the seeds began to sprout. 
Lisa’s background is in accounting and administration while Kelly’s is in retail and the service industry.  Together, they have over 30 plus years experience.  Kelly is currently working on her Reflexology and Reiki hours and will offer these services at the center. Along with the administration side, Lisa enjoys creating and preparing smoothies while also interacting with customers. With their well-balanced skills and knowledge, Kelly and Lisa make Keliza Healthy Living a place you will want to visit for a healthy, organic experience.

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Calling Corners New Age Boutique

147 Esplanade Street, Truro


(902) 843-5113


We are an independent, cozy-sized mystic & new age shop tucked into downtown Truro, Nova Scotia. Since 2015 when the magick began, we’ve been welcoming healers, seekers, dreamers, creators, and anyone interested in experiencing the happiness that comes from empowering yourself & getting creative on your own spiritual journey! Our offerings include books, crystals, tarot, curios, and tools for a magickal life!

Meet Juliane Nowe: 

Founder and Creator of Lady Nowe 

​Hi! I was born and raised in a small town-Heckmans Island, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. I consider myself fortunate to have grown up around my family and adults choosing to use cannabis medically and recreationally. 

I was aware of the stigma that was placed on this beautiful plant but was shown and was able to see the numerous benefits that the female plant herself holds. 

In 2016, I started teaching a private yoga class to a group of beautiful souls- veterans with PTSD, spouses, family members and friends from Marijuana for Trauma- all with life changing stories about how medical marijuana has benefited and changed their lives. Here, I was able to infuse cannabis and yoga organically.

On July 24, 2016, the Universe graciously brought my life partner, Fabian Henry and I together. He is a veteran with PTSD and also believes in the spiritual and holistic side of healing He is the founder of Marijuana for Trauma and Breton Cannabis Group.

In February 2017 I became a medical cannabis patient and this past year I joined the Natural Wellness Academy as a mentor and teacher, specializing in their Cannabis Coaching Course & the Health and Life Coach Course.

I know what it's like to have so many questions about cannabis, health and life, while not knowing where to start looking for information. I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed with opinions, books, links and outside influence, while wanting to do what's right for you because everything else you have tried is NOT working!  Lady Nowe's mission is to provide clear, professional and purposeful information, resources, yoga and coaching that adds quality to your "life" and "style" that aligns with your internal influence so you feel empowered by your evolving integrations and choices.

With 1x1 coaching and the free materials I provide weekly, you will replenish your Endocananbinoid system and start healing from the inside. You will also become an advocate for yourself and others!

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the pop-up form to sending your name and email address to, so you never of my offerings and services!


Reach out, say hi and I look forward to seeing you in class or working with you 1x1! 


"The Heart Always Wins"

Juliane Nowe