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Frequent Questions ( Q&A )

How can I know that the spirit I am talking to is, indeed, that spirit?

The Ascended Masters will show you exactly how they will be connecting with you, so that you know it is them. You can only channel from where you are vibrating at. If you are vibrating in fear, then you will channel fear. If you let go of all your fears you will channel divine love. The dark is light that has forgotten it is love. The darkness is ego consciousness, the light is God consciousness. Decide which you want to channel, the Ego or God. Choose one, and that is the one that you will channel. Trust your own truth, trust your knowing, do not doubt, and do not feed into your fears. This is the key to connect with the Ascended Masters. During the Masterclass, the Ascended Masters bring through frequencies to clear past lifetime fears of channeling.

After this Class will I be able to trance channel whenever I wish to, or can someone (bad spirit) can come without my permission?

You will be able to trance channel whenever you wish. Its your reality, not spirits, so you are always in charge with what spirits you allow into your reality.

Will this knowledge last for a lifetime, and if I find it hard to deal with, can we arrange a meeting to erase these abilities?

Yes, this knowledge will last for a lifetime. We cannot erase it because you have expanded your consciousness, in order to connect with them. Channeling is the expansion of your consciousness to be able to receive, any, and all information from the universe. Everyone already has all the intuitive abilities.... it is only remembering that you do, and turning these abilities ' back on '. Everyone who is awakening will receive messages from the universe as they expand their consciousness. Everything is one energy. There is no separation. It is an illusion that we are separate from anything.

Can spirits understand who can trance channel, and if so, are they coming to communicate even if I don't call them?

Its your reality, not spirits, so you are in charge with what, and who you allow into your reality at all times.

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