Masterclass with St. Germain

Learn How To Trance Channel in this 1.5 Hour Private Trance-Channeled Session with Ascended Master St. Germain !

Are you having difficulty moving from Conscious Channeling into Trance Channeling? During this class, Tara trance channels Ascended Master St. Germain as he teaches you how to trance channel. This is a 1:1 session via zoom or facetime, specifically channeled for you and your needs. During the course, The Ascended Masters bring through light frequencies to activate the third eye and crown chakras to enhance your psychic / intuitive abilities. They also bring through frequencies to connect the left and right brain, so that the creative and analytical sides work together. This enables the receiver to translate light language. The Ascended Masters go into the Akashic records, clear blocks from past life-times, and make changes to each individual blueprint. The client can choose who they wish to trance channel. It does not have to be an Ascended Master. The clients' chosen spirit guide(s) will be brought in during the course.


PRICE: $300 CAD ( Currency will be converted at Checkout )

Pre requisite course - Book a Masterclass anytime after Nov 17th 2022 and the Pre-requisite Course is free. Course title is ' How to Consciously Channel The Ascended Masters'. It will be emailed to you at time of booking. 

Follow Up Master Class: One Hour Session $138 CAD ( Currency Converted at Checkout ) 

To Book:

Please send an email to Mike, Tara's booking manager, at:

Please indicate your time zone ( or area ).You will be offered several dates and times to choose from. Sessions are done over Zoom. An invite link will be emailed to you upon booking. Please state if you prefer Facetime instead of Zoom.

Methods of Payment:

Paypal ( All major credit cards ) or E-transfer. Upon booking, you will be emailed a Paypal invoice that is safe and simple to navigate. You do not require a Paypal account to pay the invoice. Please note : Billing is invoiced in Canadian currency. Paypal will convert it automatically at checkout.